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Civic Electronic is officially an authorized reseller of Hikvision products
Civic Electronic is officially an authorized reseller of Hikvision products

HDL S57 Multifunctional Touch Panel HDL-MTS57.1WI White

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HDL S57 Multifunctional Touch Panel HDL-MTS57.1WI White

S57 Touch Control Panel

Aesthetically pleasing Interface design

With its extremely elegant, clean, simple and user-friendly interface, S57 can add credits to your interior decoration.

S57 is a multifunctional touch-control panel with a 5.7-inch display. It is equipped with a high-performance CPU and uses WallApp as the default user interface. You can easily control every home device connected to the smart home automation system just by flipping your fingers on the screen.

Quick and Smooth

You can add your favorite Scenes, Lights and Curtains to the home screen. In most cases, you just need one touch to control the device you want. For more operation, such as select a room, you can swipe left or right on the screen.

Continuous variable brightness control

Enjoy continuous and smooth changes of brightness that you just love. Our S57 touch control panel allows you to dim the light with a slider and see the brightness in percentage.

Fade-in and fade-out of light

To avoid radical changes of room brightness that make us visually uncomfortable, you can set a time period to let the light fade in or fade out. By doing so, you will just find the changes of light in your home as soft as sunrise and sunset.

Visible color control

The lighting interface intuitively shows the current light color. You can control the light color by touching the color ring on the interface. And the light color will change as your finger moves.

Just forget about the thermostat

S57 makes it easier to set the status of air conditioners. Adjusting the temperature by sliding on an arc will make you feel as premium as sitting in a luxury sedan. You may just forget about the thermostat.                                                             


  • 5.7-inch TFT touch screen with 18:9 aspect ratio
  • Built-in proximity sensor and brightness sensor
  • Built-in microphone and speaker
  • Screen resolution: 640*1280P
  • Supports Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, RJ45
  • Power consumption: Max. 12W
  • Power supply: DV24 or POE
  • Product code: HDL-MTS57.1WI
  • Working voltage : 24V DC, 0.5A or PoE
  • Working current : 148mA / 24V DC
  • Standby current : 80mA / 24V DC
  • Working temperature : -5℃~45℃
  • Working relative humidity : ≤85%
  • Storage temperature : -20℃~60℃
  • Storage relative humidity : ≤93%
  • Housing material : Glass, aluminum alloy, plastic